Completing the Student Profile




  • 2.5 or better GPA

  • Demonstrate financial need and/or academic merit.

  • Participate in community service during high school years.

  • Participate in school activities such as clubs, athletics, ASB, AVID, theatre, etc. during high school years.

  • Submit a 100-200+ word essay describing educational and career goals.

  • Submit a 100+ word essay describing any unusual circumstances.

  • Plan to attend a 2-year, 4-year college/university, or a technical/trade school

  • Complete the online Student Profile

  • Complete the online Application


If you have a question or need help with any of the following;


An Eligibility question

Contact:  Greater Riverside Dollars for Scholars by email at


A School specific question

           Contact:  Your assigned school counselor or career center person


A Technical question/assistance regarding the online Student Profile and online application

           Contact:  Scholarship America

           Use the gray "Support" button at the bottom left corner of your screen


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q.  Can I use a school email address to set up my account?

A.  No, do not use a school email.  We need to have an email address where you can be reached after you graduate from your high school. To set up a free account, use, or other free email services available on the Internet.


2.  Q.  Do I have to answer all the questions that have a double star **?

A.  Yes, you must answer all these questions; otherwise, your application will be incomplete and you will not be considered for a scholarship.  The questions with a single star* are optional but we advise that you answer all of them as well. 


3.  Q. The Dashboard shows that my profile is at 100%, does that mean I'm done?

A. Not necessarily! After filling out your Profile, you need to search for scholarships and then click "Apply" to formally be considered. You haven't actually submitted your application for a particular scholarship until you hit the "Apply" button. Go into the My Scholarships section of your Profile to see the scholarship(s) you have met the requirements for and click "Apply" to all of them you want to be considered for.  You must apply for each scholarship individually in order to be considered.


4.  Q. How do I submit my application?

 A. Go into the My Scholarships section of your Profile, you will see a list of all the scholarships you have met the requirements for and will see the associated "Apply" buttons. If you do not see any scholarships listed here, you are not currently meeting the eligibility requirements of any open scholarships. If this happens go back through your Profile to confirm the information is correct and reach out to your local chapter to confirm their eligibility requirements.


5.  Q. How can I change my answers to an eligibility question?

A.  Click the "Support" button on the bottom left of the screen to submit a "help ticket" to us and specify which question you answered incorrectly and we can reset it for you.


6.  Q. Do I have to finish the application all at once in one sitting? 

A.  No, you can take as long as you like but you have to log back in if you have been away for an extended period of time. Be sure to save your work each time you stop working so it will be there the next time you log back on.


7. Q.  What if my parents don't have an email address?

A.  If your parents do not have an email address let your counselor know or contact Greater Riverside Dollars for Scholars at right away for assistance.


8. Q.  I don't have a Social Security number and did not fill out the FAFSA, how do I answer the FAFSA/EFC question?

A. If you completed the California Dream Act application, fill in your  EFC, (Expected Family Contribution) found on your Cal SAR, or California Dream Act Student Aid Report, instead of from the FAFSA. To view your Student Aid Report, log back in to your CA Dream Act Application at You can download your Cal SAR and find your EFC in the top right hand corner. Do not leave this question blank on our scholarship application.  If no information is available at this time simply enter zero (0)


9. Q.  Do I need to list more than one college/university?

A.Yes, please list at least 2 colleges/universities, especially if you are considering UC Riverside, Cal Baptist University, La Sierra University or Riverside City Community College. Some scholarships are for students who will attend one of these institutions.


10. Q.  When will I know if I have been selected to receive a scholarship?

A.  All recipients will be notified in April 2022 by email and through an invitation to attend a reception. You will receive written instructions telling you how to claim your scholarship.


11. Q. If I am selected, when will I receive my scholarship check?

A. Scholarships are processed beginning in late August after all required paperwork is received. Failure to submit the Scholarship Acknowledgement Form and required documents will result in a delay of your scholarship award disbursement. Scholarship checks will be mailed directly to your college or university of record.